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Good afternoon everyone!  Thanks to the help of a fellow classmate, I am able to share my Final Exam Presentation with you!  Here is the link for my presentation if anyone wants to check it out: . 

I created my presentation using sliderocket and I really enjoyed the program, I especially enjoyed the fact that the program is web based so I could access it from anywhere!  Very convenient!

Hey everyone!  Here is something very cool that I found this weekend and I figured I would share it with you!  As I was Christmas shopping this past weekend, I came across this for the Wii… That’s right it’s Zumba 2!!!  I didn’t even realize they were releasing another Zumba fitness package for the Wii, but I think it’s safe to say that I got a little excited when I saw this!  I know what to add to my Christmas wishlist this year!  I have been working through the first package that I had bought for the Wii, but am now interested in what the new Zumba package has to offer!  Will the steps be the same?  Will it be the same type of music as in the first?  I plan on looking into this new Zumba package further and I will let you guys know!  But for now I keep dancing my way through the songs in the first package and you know what?!  I think my whole body is getting stronger because I still get tired and sore from workouts, but not nearly as bad as before!  This learning project has been proving to be good for learning something new and getting me a little more fit and healthy!  I love it!!! 

I will update soon about the new Zumba 2, but in the meantime, try out the first Zumba package if you have the opportunity!  I guarantee you will have fun, just be prepared to be sore after! screenshot/zumba-fitness-2-screenshots/ screenshot/zumba-fitness-2-screenshots/



Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year and although I did not want to get too excited for Christmas so far in advance, I think the holiday spirit has really gotten to me now!  With only a week left of classes for the semester and finals starting shortly, it is beginning to seem like the end of the semester which means Christmas isn’t far away!  My apartment is already fully decorated top to bottom for Christmas including lights and three little Christmas trees… That’s right, you read that correctly… Three (3)!  Why we need three trees in a small apartment is questionable, but regardless, it still makes the apartment look festive! 

In addition to the holiday decor that I enjoy in the apartment everyday, I also spent the afternoon today wrapping tons of Christmas gifts while listening to Christmas music!  How could I not be in the Christmas mood after that?! I love wrapping gifts and listening to Christmas music so today was especially enjoyable! 

I am looking forward to the semester being over and a new semester beginning in January! I can’t wait to get home to my family and friends for Christmas to enjoy the holiday with them.  I am also looking forward to seeing many great friends when they come home for the holiday from school in other cities!  Christmas brings people together, which is one of the many reasons why I love the holiday so much!  Also a note I should include in this post… As I am writing this, what do you think I am listening to?  That’s right… Christmas music!!!  Merry Christmas everyone and enjoy your holiday!

P.S. – Good luck to those writing exams before they have the opportunity to go home for Christmas!  I wish you all the best in your studies!

For this week’s Tech Task, we were asked to create an About Me page, which I think is a pretty neat concept because it allows me to keep some of my internet accounts together and organized! It also allows others to learn more about me and contact me through different links on my page. Anyway, here is the link to my About Me page:

Check it out! 🙂

Technology seems to be a major part of every person’s life in today’s world and although it is a phenomenal and very beneficial tool and resource, we cannot forget the frustrations that also come with technology!

Tonight my roommate was working on a project that she has been working on for quite a while, when her computer suddenly shut down and would not start up again.  We are guessing it may be a virus, but needless to say, it has to be taken in to be repaired and to see if any of her project information, along with any other personal files, can be recovered.  Talk about frustration!  Technology is becoming such a huge part of our lives that something as simple as not being able to use your computer, becomes a major problem!  In university, it seems to be an unwritten requirement that every student attending classes MUST have a laptop or computer in order to take the class since everything is basically now online.  With online classes, contact with professors through email, and submitting assignments online, I can imagine it would be quite difficult to take a class without a personal computer; it may not be impossible to take a class without a personal computer, but it would definitely make it more difficult!  I personally like where technology is heading and look forward to what we will be doing in regards to technology in the future, but I also know the frustrations that come with technology and I believe that it is important for me to remember that technology is not perfect and there are flaws in it, although I think the good sure outweighs the bad when it comes to technology!

Something amazing and inspiring from Alex’s presentation in class… I can’t seem to stop thinking about this video! I am completely amazed and intrigued how a father did this for his daughter! This goes far, far beyond the traditional baby book and is a perfect picture of where we will be in our future in terms of the technology in our lives. I believe this video is worth sharing…

Hey everyone! Recently I have had a couple comments on my blog about Zumba being difficult and hard to learn and catch on to and these comments inspired me to write this post!

Since I have been learning Zumba, I can say that sometimes it is difficult to learn some of the steps and it can definitely be tough to keep up during the dances, but IT IS FUN!!! Zumba is not supposed to be a dance class, it is a workout class, so don’t worry about perfecting dance steps because the program is just designed to make you work out while still having fun! This is something that I have learned and have come to really appreciate because with a history as a dancer, I immediately tried my hardest to perfect each step before even moving onto the dances and this eventually was starting to get tiresome. Once I just tried a dance and did my best on keeping up, I really enjoyed myself and had way more fun than just practising the steps, although I do recommend practising a few steps at least before starting a dance! I just want to emphasize the fact that I am having a lot of fun dancing and I would recommend Zumba to anyone who likes music and likes to dance because it is a great workout and seems to work every muscle in your body because I sure notice my body aching after a workout, although my body is finally starting to get used to the routine!

Just if any of you are interested, here is the video trailer for the Zumba program at home! I am currently using the Zumba program for the Wii and love it although I think it would be really neat to get into a Zumba class! This just gives you a little glimpse of what I have been doing lately, although I am not nearly as good as the woman in the video trailer!


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