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Looking Forward To Online Session!

Posted on: September 14, 2011

I can honestly say I have never taken a course online so the next class being an online session makes me a bit nervous, but mostly very excited! I think it is actually pretty neat that we do have online sessions because it is allowing me to experience new forms of technology that I am not familiar with and don’t use on a regular basis.  I do enjoy having the professor in the classroom with the students to make it easier to ask questions, etc. but I am interested to see how the online classroom will work out!  I suppose I will find out tomorrow!

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I think you’ll find me to be as accesible, and likely more than most profs. Since I truly believe learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom, I make myself available at almost anytime.

Look forward to learning with you this semester….and beyond.

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  • mofizur: Hi Allison, I have wii and play the game tennis. It is really good entertainment also. Thanks.
  • mofizur: Hi Allison, Goog excercise tools...
  • courtneyadams10: It looks challenging but like a lot of fun! Thanks for posting the video!


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