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Trouble With This Week’s Tech Task

Posted on: September 21, 2011

Okay so I know that this week’s tech task wasn’t a really difficult one, but it turned to be difficult for me!  Making the Google Form wasn’t the hard part, it is trying to embed it that proves to be the difficult part for me!  I have been trying to embed my Google Form on my blog for quite a while already and I cannot seem to get it.  The only thing that ever comes up is just the URL link.  I am not sure what I could be doing wrong so if anyone has any ideas or any words of wisdom for me please feel free to let me know!  As for my past week, well I decided what I want to learn for our project.  I’m going to learn to do Zumba! This should be fun as I have heard many good things about Zumba, but have never tried it myself.  I look forward to starting it hopefully next week if everything goes as planned, so keep an eye out for updates regarding this!  I also enjoyed our online class last week.  I was unsure going into it because I didn’t know if I was going to like it or not but it sure was fun to be in class while also sitting on the couch!  I look forward to tonight’s session and hopefully this next week’s tech task will be easier for me!  I can always hope! 🙂

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Hi, cgarrety here from Fort Hays State University. In order to embed a form you need to publish it..correct? If you follow that line of thinking I think you can figure this one out. Good luck…C.

ha, or read along the menu items at the top of your page. I’m not sure where you are in the process.

I can help. My Twitter handle is @MrMacnology. Find me there and I can work with you later today.

Ok. Just checked. blogs do not allow iFrames, which is how you would embed a Google Form (at least that is the way I am most familiar with). They state that it is for security reasons.

You will be able to do this — I promise

When you are writing your blog post– you will see two tabs — Visual and HTML — the HTML tab WILL be your friend when you get ready to embed the code.

Open your google form (Form/ edit form) — look to the right for MORE ACTIONS and chose embed and copy that code.

Go back to your blog — go to the HTML tab — and then paste your embed code — and TADA — you did it.

Within the code you will see something like this: width=”760″ height=”1598

Don’t worry about the width — but you might wish to adjust the height so that people don’t have to scroll on your page. I usually juggle it a couple of times before I get an exact fit — but as you can see here: — there is no scrolling. And the height is set to 1800.

Hope this helps.

I’ve just started using Google forms myself. I love them. I’m using them for the data collection my district collects. Why waste them time putting it in a spreadsheet when Google Forms will do it for me 🙂 Here are some sticking points I had trouble with.

Open your item. It looks like a spreadsheet to me. At the top of the window you should see a Google menu with “Form.” If you choose that, you’ll find “Embed form in a webpage.” That opens in a new window for me. The new window opens with a dialog box that gives the html code to copy. Then you go to your blog, view the html (not just the text editor) and paste it.

If you save your page and publish it should work. I am familiar with how this works in Blogger and in Sharepoint. Someone else may have additional experiences that can help.

Good luck!

Hey so on your form you should have a tab that says “More actions” and then it will have an option there that says “Embed”. When this come ups just copy the code.
After this go back to your post that you are working on and post the embed code. I think you might need to switch to ‘html’ which will be an option at the top of the post you are working on. It will say ‘Visual’ and ‘HTML’, what you will want I think is HTML. Then paste the embed code that you copied. You can switch back to visual view if you want and/or click preview to see if it works.

While in the spreadsheet for your Form, go to the Form tab and select Embed form in a webpage. You need to copy the html code that appears in the window that will pop up. Then you paste it into your blog. This may be where you are having trouble. In a WordPress blog you need to click the html tab and paste the code there. Should work. I do it all the time!

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