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Zumba Zumba Zumba!

Posted on: November 15, 2011

For my learning project, I have been learning how to ZUMBA! This task has been proving more difficult than I had first anticipated, but so far I have been having a blast!


Going into this, I knew that Zumba was a new form of dance and required me to learn new dance moves.  Other than this, I knew very little about Zumba.  I primarily chose to try to learn Zumba because several of my friends were trying it and seemed to really enjoy it and often encouraged me to try it, so I figured this would be the perfect opportunity! 

Being a dancer in the past, I figured I would be able to learn and catch onto the steps quite easily and quickly, but surprisingly, I did not catch on as fast as I had hoped.  I have learned that it takes patience and perseverance when learning these steps, but once I caught onto a few of the steps, they became easier to learn.  Currently I am learning with the help of the Zumba program on the Wii and I am enjoying my time learning the dances.  I look forward to working on my moves and perfecting my dances, but I anticipate more challenges ahead because I know that nothing great ever comes without challenges!  I will keep you updated and post again about my adventures with learning to Zumba!

4 Responses to "Zumba Zumba Zumba!"

On Sunday I tried to do Zumba with my wife (she does it on a regular basis) and I got, quite literally, destroyed. We did a Zumba class that was recoreded on Sasktel Max that was labeled “novice”. haha. I like to think I can dance, but in reality I’m terrible. That combined with trying to follow the dance moves on the screen probably looked hilarious. That said, my abs, legs, and various other parts are aching, so it must be doing something. Your brave and I applaud your attempts to learn something so scary to myself.

Haha! Thank you Dan, but it gets less scary as you get further into it! The important thing to do is start off really easy and learn the steps before you try any dances. I learned that the hard way as well! But I agree with you about your whole body aching after a work out… It sure works every muscle in your body! The good thing about Zumba is its fun, so you don’t even realize how much your working out!

I’m hoping to take a Zumba class next semester for fun, but I’m a little nervous about it because it is sort of forgein to me! Do you find it difficult to catch on quickly? Keep updating us so I can see if I should do it or not!

I would definitely recommend a Zumba class to anyone just because of the fact that it is a fun way to work out! I have had previous dance experience, so catching on to the steps wasn’t too difficult for me for the most part, but some of them can be tough. One thing they emphasize in Zumba is the fact that you don’t have to be perfect on your moves… It is not a dance class, its a work out class and its meant to be fun so don’t worry if you don’t catch on quickly! I would still recommend taking the class!

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