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This tech task was from earlier on in the semester, but I am just doing a bit of cleaning up on my blog so I had to repost it as a post with a category instead of on a page! Don’t worry about filling it out because you may or may not have already completed it! 🙂


For my learning project, I have been learning how to ZUMBA! This task has been proving more difficult than I had first anticipated, but so far I have been having a blast!


Going into this, I knew that Zumba was a new form of dance and required me to learn new dance moves.  Other than this, I knew very little about Zumba.  I primarily chose to try to learn Zumba because several of my friends were trying it and seemed to really enjoy it and often encouraged me to try it, so I figured this would be the perfect opportunity! 

Being a dancer in the past, I figured I would be able to learn and catch onto the steps quite easily and quickly, but surprisingly, I did not catch on as fast as I had hoped.  I have learned that it takes patience and perseverance when learning these steps, but once I caught onto a few of the steps, they became easier to learn.  Currently I am learning with the help of the Zumba program on the Wii and I am enjoying my time learning the dances.  I look forward to working on my moves and perfecting my dances, but I anticipate more challenges ahead because I know that nothing great ever comes without challenges!  I will keep you updated and post again about my adventures with learning to Zumba!

So lately my life has been absolutely crazy with an overload of school work including assignments and presentations, as well as dealing with personal issues, but I’m going to give it a good, solid effort to get back to posting on my blog!

Something interesting I have been noticing lately that you may be interested in… Lately in a few of my classes and in my personal experiences, I have been critically looking at the development of children in terms of cognitive and learning development.  I have never realized how much the little things that people do in the presence of a young child, affects that child and how different parenting styles can affect the development of a child so drastically. 

Personally, I have had the opportunity to observe several different parenting styles and I am amazed at how each child’s cognitive and learning development differs, simply due to how each child is parented.  Something as simple as reading a book with your child before bed each night can affect the child’s development tremendously!  Child development has been something that I have been more aware of lately and I find it very interesting.  I look forward to digging deeper into this issue and will keep you posted on further information and observations I encounter!

The five blogs I now follow are located below, along with a description of why I am following each of them! – This blog is about fitness for women and I am always looking for new, exciting ways to stay in shape and live a healthy lifestyle. – Included in this blog is information about Mathematics Education, which I find interesting and will be useful for me in my future as I am majoring in Mathematics Education. – This is my fun blog that I follow because I love vehicles, trucks specifically, so I enjoy keeping up with what is new and learning what is happening in the “automotive world”! – My friend is actually the author of this blog, but I really enjoy reading her posts about cooking and finding out new recipes through her blog because I like to cook, as well. – And of course, having country roots, I have to keep up with my country music!  I love country music and enjoy following many country artists.

On Twitter I follow…

@ShellTerrell – Shelly S Terrell

@MandyLynneMaier – Mandy

@ADashofMeg – Meghan Doll

@danecook – Dane Cook

@blakeshelton – Blake Shelton

@BradPaisley – Brad Paisley

@Eric_Church – Eric_Church

@CHRIS_Daughtry – Chris Daughtry

@Jason_Aldean – Jason_Aldean

@LukeBryanOnline – Luke Bryan

Being a country girl, most of the people I chose to follow on Twitter are country music artists such as Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, and Eric Church, along with several others.  I chose to follow Shelly S Terrell because I enjoyed her presentation in class.  Mandy and Meghan Doll are two people I know personally.  Dane Cook is one of my favourite comedians, which is why I decided to follow him.  And I am also a big fan of American and Canadian Idol, which is where I first saw Chris Daughtry and I immediately loved his music.

Hey everyone!  I have successfully been able to embed the Google Form on my blog thanks to those of you who left a comment with your wise words of wisdom!  I very much appreciate everyone who took a minute to try and help me out with this!  THANK YOU! 🙂  It turns out i was pasting the link into the ‘Visual’ tab instead of the ‘HTML’ tab so it was a quick fix and now I am up and running smoothly!  Thanks again everyone!

Okay so I know that this week’s tech task wasn’t a really difficult one, but it turned to be difficult for me!  Making the Google Form wasn’t the hard part, it is trying to embed it that proves to be the difficult part for me!  I have been trying to embed my Google Form on my blog for quite a while already and I cannot seem to get it.  The only thing that ever comes up is just the URL link.  I am not sure what I could be doing wrong so if anyone has any ideas or any words of wisdom for me please feel free to let me know!  As for my past week, well I decided what I want to learn for our project.  I’m going to learn to do Zumba! This should be fun as I have heard many good things about Zumba, but have never tried it myself.  I look forward to starting it hopefully next week if everything goes as planned, so keep an eye out for updates regarding this!  I also enjoyed our online class last week.  I was unsure going into it because I didn’t know if I was going to like it or not but it sure was fun to be in class while also sitting on the couch!  I look forward to tonight’s session and hopefully this next week’s tech task will be easier for me!  I can always hope! 🙂

I can honestly say I have never taken a course online so the next class being an online session makes me a bit nervous, but mostly very excited! I think it is actually pretty neat that we do have online sessions because it is allowing me to experience new forms of technology that I am not familiar with and don’t use on a regular basis.  I do enjoy having the professor in the classroom with the students to make it easier to ask questions, etc. but I am interested to see how the online classroom will work out!  I suppose I will find out tomorrow!


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