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Hey everyone!  Here is something very cool that I found this weekend and I figured I would share it with you!  As I was Christmas shopping this past weekend, I came across this for the Wii… That’s right it’s Zumba 2!!!  I didn’t even realize they were releasing another Zumba fitness package for the Wii, but I think it’s safe to say that I got a little excited when I saw this!  I know what to add to my Christmas wishlist this year!  I have been working through the first package that I had bought for the Wii, but am now interested in what the new Zumba package has to offer!  Will the steps be the same?  Will it be the same type of music as in the first?  I plan on looking into this new Zumba package further and I will let you guys know!  But for now I keep dancing my way through the songs in the first package and you know what?!  I think my whole body is getting stronger because I still get tired and sore from workouts, but not nearly as bad as before!  This learning project has been proving to be good for learning something new and getting me a little more fit and healthy!  I love it!!! 

I will update soon about the new Zumba 2, but in the meantime, try out the first Zumba package if you have the opportunity!  I guarantee you will have fun, just be prepared to be sore after! screenshot/zumba-fitness-2-screenshots/ screenshot/zumba-fitness-2-screenshots/



Hey everyone! Recently I have had a couple comments on my blog about Zumba being difficult and hard to learn and catch on to and these comments inspired me to write this post!

Since I have been learning Zumba, I can say that sometimes it is difficult to learn some of the steps and it can definitely be tough to keep up during the dances, but IT IS FUN!!! Zumba is not supposed to be a dance class, it is a workout class, so don’t worry about perfecting dance steps because the program is just designed to make you work out while still having fun! This is something that I have learned and have come to really appreciate because with a history as a dancer, I immediately tried my hardest to perfect each step before even moving onto the dances and this eventually was starting to get tiresome. Once I just tried a dance and did my best on keeping up, I really enjoyed myself and had way more fun than just practising the steps, although I do recommend practising a few steps at least before starting a dance! I just want to emphasize the fact that I am having a lot of fun dancing and I would recommend Zumba to anyone who likes music and likes to dance because it is a great workout and seems to work every muscle in your body because I sure notice my body aching after a workout, although my body is finally starting to get used to the routine!

Just if any of you are interested, here is the video trailer for the Zumba program at home! I am currently using the Zumba program for the Wii and love it although I think it would be really neat to get into a Zumba class! This just gives you a little glimpse of what I have been doing lately, although I am not nearly as good as the woman in the video trailer!

For my learning project, I have been learning how to ZUMBA! This task has been proving more difficult than I had first anticipated, but so far I have been having a blast!


Going into this, I knew that Zumba was a new form of dance and required me to learn new dance moves.  Other than this, I knew very little about Zumba.  I primarily chose to try to learn Zumba because several of my friends were trying it and seemed to really enjoy it and often encouraged me to try it, so I figured this would be the perfect opportunity! 

Being a dancer in the past, I figured I would be able to learn and catch onto the steps quite easily and quickly, but surprisingly, I did not catch on as fast as I had hoped.  I have learned that it takes patience and perseverance when learning these steps, but once I caught onto a few of the steps, they became easier to learn.  Currently I am learning with the help of the Zumba program on the Wii and I am enjoying my time learning the dances.  I look forward to working on my moves and perfecting my dances, but I anticipate more challenges ahead because I know that nothing great ever comes without challenges!  I will keep you updated and post again about my adventures with learning to Zumba!


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